May. 20th, 2011 12:52 am
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Hey, guys. You all know the drill, right? I'm really new at playing her, sooooo~ how's my role-playing? And questions, comments, complaints, etc? I'd love to get some feedback, good or bad. As long as I know there's something wrong, I can do something about it, right?
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Hello? Hello! Is this working properly?

It's quite the interesting little thing, isn't it? Doesn't say much. But it told me it would take messages for me when I can't get to them! Boxes. They always come in boxes.

Boxes. Messages. Messages in boxes.

Do you have a message in a box for me?
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Because the TARDIS can exist at any point in time or anywhere in the universe (or sometimes outside the universe and alternate universes), she tends to know... well, just about everything. Except she can't make much sense of it all, and she knows more about the people that she's closer to.

So! I'm asking for permissions from players about how much she can know about you characters~

Can she know your past? And if she can, any big events she I know about? She tends to be very cryptic, so her words would be confusing to someone who didn't know that past.
Can she know your future? Canon future, or a made up future of your choice~

Also, in Who-verse, "staring into the heart of the TARDIS" will give you god-like powers. Except it will also burn you up from the inside out in minutes. You'd be able to change the universe, see all of time and space, bring people back to life, and rewrite events in history. I'd love to choose one of two people to do this with, although your character will die at the end of it. Would anyone be interested in this power?

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